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Press Release Cannabis

Posted: December 18, 2017



At the Regular meeting of Council held on December 13, 2017, Council passed the following resolution in response to the survey put out by the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) on behalf of the Province of Manitoba:

RESOLVED THAT Council do hereby say no to allowing cannabis being sold in the Municipality subject to public consultation with our rate payers and the opportunity to review and reconsider our position once the Provincial legislation and regulations are confirmed.

The survey was distributed with the wording provided below:

At the AMM Convention, the Minister of Growth, Enterprise and Trade stated the government would survey AMM to ask if municipalities would be participating in the province's strategy to establish retail cannabis stores in communities across the province. The following information is collected for immediate-term planning purposes. The province intends to have an open and ongoing dialogue with municipalities about cannabis and your municipality can indicate a change in position on this subject at any point. Please respond to the AMM which will collect and forward your responses to the Minister. Your response is requested by noon, December 22, 2017

Please confirm if your municipality currently intends to allow cannabis to be sold from a retail location situated in your municipality.

___ Yes, we intend to allow.

___ No, we do not intend to allow.

 We understand our community can change its position on this matter at a later date and that the response above is not binding.


We, the Mayor and Council of the Rural Municipality of Gimli strongly believe that this decision was not as simple as providing a yes or no response. Council’s resolution reinforces their position that they have not been provided with sufficient information from higher levels of government to make an informed decision to meet the deadline imposed in the survey. Council fully intends to revisit their decision after meeting with the ratepayers of the Municipality and Provincial legislation and regulations are confirmed. 

Mayor & Council

Rural Municipality of Gimli