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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for a tax certificate?

The cost for a tax certificate is $30

Where do I inquire about zoning and building permits?

The Eastern Interlake Planning District located at 62 - 2nd Avenue, (204) 642-5478

When are taxes due?

The Property Tax are due on the last business day in AUGUST.

Do you accept post dated cheques?

Yes, we accept post dated cheques. 

Can I walk my dog without a leash?

All dogs must be leashed when off the owner’s property. Dogs are not permitted to run at large, and will be apprehended and impounded if found running at large.
See the Animal Control By-law under Files & Downloads for more information.

Are dogs allowed on the beach?

Dogs are not allowed on any public beach in the Municipality but are permitted on the boardwalk and grass areas as long as they are leashed and cleaned up after.
See the Animal Control By-law under Files & Downloads for more information.

What is a Lot Grade Permit? How much do they cost?

A Lot Grade Permit determines the elevation/grade of properties in the RM of Gimli when construction or grade change requests occur.
A Lot Grade Permit from the RM of Gimli is required prior to being issued a building permit. 

We use a 3 Step System for our permits:

  • Class 1 - $300 ($500 for Commercial properties)
  • Class 2 - $100
  • Class 3 - $25
Class 1 permits are required for:
  • New Construction – example New Residence
Class 2 permits are required for:

  • Detached Garages
  • Additions
  • Sunrooms
  • Closed in Decks
  • Accessory Buildings

Class 3 permits are required for:

  • Open Decks

Lot Grade Applications can be found under the Files & Downloads section of this website. For further inquires please contact the municipal office at (204) 642-6650.

What is a Culvert Permit? How much do they cost?

A Culvert Permit determines the size and placement of a culvert when installing an access/driveway within the RM of Gimli.
The cost of a Culvert Permit is $150.
The cost of the culvert and installation fees are the responsibility of the property owner.
Failure to obtain a Culvert Permit from the RM of Gimli could result in re-installation of the required culvert, as determined by the Municipal Engineer, at the property owner's expense.
Culvert Applications can be found under the Files & Downloads section of this website. For further inquires please contact the municipal office at (204) 642-6650.

Does the RM pick up furniture, mattresses or household appliances?

No. The homeowner is responsible for taking these items to the Arnes Landfill Site.
Appliances containing refrigerant, such as fridges and freezers can now be accepted at the site, but will not be accepted at the site without a sticker from a registered refrigeration technician to prove that the refrigerant has been removed, or a $15.00 refrigerant removal pass is accompanied with the appliance.  Passes are available for purchase the Municipal Office, passes CANNOT be purchased at the landfill site.

Where can I inquire about purchasing a house or piece of property?

Gimli has several Real Estate offices that provide this service. A list of local offices are provided below:
Royal LePage (204) 642-8576
Interlake Realty (204) 642-8501
Re/Max Real Estate (204) 642-4888
Four Seasons Realty (204) 642-8145
Baron Realty (204) 886-2393 

Do you send out monthly tax statements?

No. Tax bills are printed by Intergovernmental Affairs and mailed out annually in June.

What is the tax penalty/interest rate?

1.25% interest rate charged on the first day of every month.

I want to know about septic fields and wastewater issues, who do I contact?

The Environment Office in Selkirk (204) 785-5030.

How Can I appeal if I do not agree with my Property Assessment?

You can appeal your assessment, not your taxes or municipal services.
The first step is to compare your assessment to other similar properties. This can be done at the RM office, but you do require the addresses of the properties you are comparing with.
The second step is to contact the Selkirk Provincial Assessment Office at (204) 785-5092.
If you are still not satisfied with your assessment, there is an annual Board of Revision process where you have an opportunity to file a formal appeal. Your written appeal must be filed with:
RM of Gimli
Secretary, Board of Revision
Box 1246  Gimli, MB R0C 1B0
or delivered in person to 62 2nd Ave Gimli.
The RM of Gimli's  Board of Revision to hear appeals is held on an annual basis, normally in November of each year. The date is set by the assessment branch and will be advertised in the local paper well in advance of the Board of Revision date.

There is no fee to file an appeal through the annual Board of Revision. This form is available at RM office or online in our Files and Download Section. 

What other charges can be applied to my tax bill?

There may be local improvements added to your tax bills if you reside in an area where there have been improvements made.  And example would be street paving in a newer subdivision.

As well, costs related to by-law infractions such as weed notices, and outstanding Water and Sewer accounts.  The RM adds the outstanding accounts twice a year.  When a bill goes out a notice will be included informing you of the date that if unpaid it would be added to your Property Tax account.  
Please be advised the property owner, not the renter, is responsible for adhering to any by-laws.

What if I make a change to my Property?

Any change you make to your property will impact your Assessment.
The change in Assessment will come to you in the form of an Adjusted Property Tax Statement. 
In the event you have increased your Assessment you would receive and Added Tax Bill.  The Added Tax Bill would be in addition to your yearly Property Taxes for that year.  The due date of the Added Tax Bill would be dependent on the date for which it was sent. 
In the event you have decreased your Assessment for example you remove a garage.  You would be entitled to a Cancelled Tax.  The amount of the Cancelled tax would be applied to your account as a credit. 

I sent in a payment for the amount that was stated on my tax bill but I received a receipt showing that there is still a balance owing on my taxes. Why?

If there were arrears owing on the tax statement, the tax amount due would change each month because of the monthly penalty charge. 

I mailed my tax payment at the end of August; I just received my receipt and it shows that there is a balance owing. Why?

The payment was likely received after the last business day in August. Payment MUST be received by the last business day in August to prevent late payment charges.
A penalty is automatically applied on the first business day of the month.

Are letters to council public information?

Yes, given the public nature of council and committee meetings, any person submitting correspondence to council or the administration of a municipality should have a reasonable expectation that the correspondence, including personal information such as the writers name and address, could be disclosed at a council meeting. A copy of the correspondence may also be disclosed to a third party, including media, if requested.

I paid my taxes using online/telephone banking or at the bank before or on the due date, why do I have late charges

In most cases, payments made online or directly at the bank take approximately 3 - 5 business days to be received.  
Payments are processed on the day they are received in the office, NOT the day they were originally made online or at the bank.
Please ensure if you are paying electronically or at the bank you allow enough time for the payment to be received on time.