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Gimli CDC

Formerly known as the Gimli Industrial Development Group, the Gimli CDC was formed in 2010 to incorporate the whole municipality and not just the Gimli Business Park.
The CDC’s mission statement is: Dedicated to promote and enhance Economic Development in the Rural Municipality of Gimli
Core Values:
  • To grow businesses in the RM of Gimli
  • To grow the community
  • Have housing for all citizens
  • Increase employment, allowing more people to stay in community
  • Provide economic development services to all of the RM of Gimli
  • Obtain adequate funding to provide needed community economic development services
  • Retain our seniors and youth
  • Create a sustainable community
  • Improve the services of the RM of Gimli
  • Keep RM of Gimli safe for future generations
  • Increase the opportunities for the business park.