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Health Services

A wide range of health services are readily available in Gimli.
Gimli is home to the newly-constructed Gimli Community Health Centre (GCHC), based at the Johnson Memorial Hospital, at 120 - 6th Avenue. As well as modernizing and expanding the patient accommodations, the facilities for diagnostic services, laboratory testing, and preventive and palliative care have been vastly improved. The new facility also houses health-related organizations such as the Seniors’ Resource Council, and the offices of the Provincial department of Health and Family Services, including Child and Family Services.
The GCHC provides the following services and programs:
Emergency / Out Patient Department, Diagnostic Imaging and Lab Services, Chemotherapy Program, Dialysis Unit, EMS / Ambulance, Palliative Care, Acute Care, Physiotherapy Services, Occupational Therapy Services, Adult Day Program and Pharmacy Services.

  • Hospital / Gimli Community Health Centre - General Office  204-642-5116
  • Diagnostic Services - Lab & X-Ray  204-642-4519
  • Community Cancer Program  204-642-4520
  • Dialysis Unit  204-642-1616
  • Child and Family Services 204-642-6051
  • Public Health Nurse 204-642-4587
  • Gimli Seniors Resource  204-642-7297
  • Adult Day Program  204-642-4518
  • Ambulance / Emergency Medical Services (EMS)  911
  • Interlake Regional Health Authority website

An important addition to the GCHC is the Healing Garden, which is located on the site of the original Johnson Memorial Hospital. The Healing Garden is an outdoor space with year round access and use. It is meant to be not only a place for healing for those in care at the Centre, but also as a place for members of the community to experience the benefits of its stress relieving atmosphere. There is no other garden like this in Manitoba. The garden will include a water feature to acknowledge Lake Winnipeg, seating areas and a fire pit for frosty days. This will not only benefit the community but also the travelers who come to visit.

For people with various health issues, Gimli has several clinics which provide Physiotherapy, Massage, Chiropractic Care and other related services. Gimli also has Dental Clinics, Optometry Clinic, Veterinarian Clinic and Pharmacies. 

Older citizens may use the East Interlake Handi-Van service to get to their medical appointments and often obtain home emergency response alarms from the Gimli Seniors Resource Council. The Council also offers tri-weekly congregate meals and meals-on-wheels to seniors in Gimli, Winnipeg Beach and the Village of Dunnottar. Gimli also has a personal care home called the Gimli Betel Home Foundation.